Record Mother’s Day Jewelry Spending Predicted


Some 34.2 percent of Mother’s Day shoppers plan to buy jewelry this year, amounting to a record $4.3 billion in purchases, according to the latest survey from the National Retail Federation.

The purchase number is up from 2013, when 31.7 percent of buyers favored jewelry and planned to spend $3.6 billion. The percentage number is slightly down from 2013, when 34.4 percent planned to buy a bauble for Mom.

Overall, though, more shoppers favored greeting cards (80 percent), flowers (67.2 percent), and apparel (35.8 percent).

Most are looking to shop department stores (33.4 percent), while others will visit specialty stores (28.2 percent) and discount stores (24.8 percent). The survey found 25 percent of consumers will be shopping online, a drop from last year’s 29 percent.   

Most shoppers are buying for their mother or stepmom (62.5 percent), while 23.2 percent are shopping for their wife; 9.8 percent for their daughter; 8.9 percent for their sister; and 7.4 percent for their grandmother.

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