$500,000 Australian Jewel Theft Caught on Camera


Masked thieves smashed the car window of two traveling jewelry salesman in Australia, making off with more than a half million dollars in jewels—as the two men sat in the front seat of the car.

The salesmen are based in Hong Kong, according to the Herald Sun, though their names were not released.

The theft, which took place in Melbourne, was caught on CCTV. The salesmen left a jewelry store in Melbourne, put two backpacks containing diamonds and gold in the backseat, and then got in the front seat of the car. At that point, two men approached the car, smashed the back windows with crowbars, and took the bags.

Detectives said they believed the smash-and-grab to be part of a more elaborate operation. The thieves fled the scene in a blue Ford sedan, but detectives believe the salesmen’s car had previously been followed by a Mitsubishi wagon. 

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