It’s All Signet Now: Company’s Brands Gather Under One Umbrella


Signet has reorganized, so it no longer has a Sterling or Zale division, and all its stores and brands are now grouped under one umbrella.

“One team—Signet Jewelers—[will manage] all store brands and channels,” says spokesperson David Bouffard. “There is no longer a divisional alignment.”

When asked if it will continue to use Sterling Jewelers, the traditional name of its U.S. division, Bouffard said that Sterling “exists as a legal entity. However, from a people perspective, we are one team, Signet Jewelers.” He declined to elaborate.

The news comes as Signet plans to move its Zale offices in Dallas to a new space and is expanding its headquarters in Akron, Ohio, to “meet future needs,” Bouffard says.

There has long been speculation about whether the Zale division will eventually be transferred to Signet’s Ohio campus. Bouffard says “we will continue to have a substantial presence in Dallas” and “key positions” will remain there.

Zale’s current headquarters are “not optimal,” and the company is “exploring options as to how the current campus could be reconfigured,” he says.

“Some positions and team members are moving among our offices based on business need and, to some extent, personal team member preferences,” he adds.

Signet also announced that two veteran Signet executives—Ed Hrabak and George Murray—have been promoted to the company’s C-suite. 

Ed Hrabak, currently president of the Sterling Jewelers division, will now become chief operating officer of Signet. He has been with the company in 1978, starting his career there as a merchandise buyer.

George Murray, who has served as president of the Zale division since last year, will become chief marketing and merchandising officer.  He joined the company in 1992.

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