Jewelry Industry Summit Concludes Indiegogo Campaign, Announces ABN Amro as Sponsor


Organizers for the Jewelry Industry Summit have concluded their Indiegogo campaign and named a new sponsor for the conference in 2016. 

The Indiegogo campaign has raised $11,735, just less than half of its initial goal of $30,000.

“This grassroots funding for the summit is very gratifying,” said Eric Braunwart, president of Columbia Gem House and a member of the summit’s planning committee. “These funds will assist us in setting the agenda and engaging with the professional facilitators who will lead the summit attendees to achieve the goals of the summit: education about current programs and an open discussion considering new ideas to ensure broad engagement in responsible sourcing.”      

ABN Amro has also signed on as a sponsor for the conference.

“We see that our clients generate business opportunities by implementing sustainability in their core strategy,” said Erik Jens, head of diamond and jewelry clients for ABN Amro. “The Jewelry Industry Summit will be an opportunity to welcome all stakeholders in our industry to engage in actions to bring responsible sourcing into their daily business practices in an easily accessible manner.” 

The summit, which will tackle sustainability and responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry, will take place March 10–13, 2016, in New York City. 

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