Millennials, Moissanite, and the JCK Las Vegas Show

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Now that millennials are becoming more sophisticated consumers, the time for lab-grown gemstones has clearly arrived. From Pure Grown Diamonds to Charles Colvard Created Moissanite, the selection of lab-grown products has begun to change the marketplace. It’s no longer a matter of if or when they will become sought after, rather, it’s by whom and how. At the Charles Colvard booth at the recent JCK Las Vegas show, independent jewelers, e-commerce buyers, and designers were three-deep to view the new colorless moissanite set to debut this fall. Eyal Brikman of Kobelli Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles said his moissanite business is on fire. Michael and Linda Nguyen, designers of the Fire Brilliance collection, were equally thrilled with their moissanite business. “Oh, wow! is the first thing we heard from everyone when they saw our new gem,” says Sarah Williams, vice president of marketing and branding for Charles Colvard. “It’s a game changer. If you were on the fence with moissanite, there is no reason to be now. The stone is simply magnificent. On top of that, lab-grown gems, which are considered to be socially responsible, are quickly coming into the market, and we are poised to ride this wave.” Millennials, in particular, are asking for Forever Brilliant moissanite as a center stone for engagement rings. “We met numerous retailers who said their business is growing significantly due to referrals from the chain stores, which are ‘walking’ customers since they don’t offer the option of moissanite,” adds Williams. —Kristin Young


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