Sarine completes milestone of scanning 10 million stones worldwide with Galaxy™ Solution

 Sarine completes milestone of scanning 10 million stones worldwide with Galaxy™ SolutionSarine Technologies Ltd announced that its Galaxy™ family of scanning and inclusion mapping systems recently completed the mark of having scanned 10 million stones worldwide.

The Galaxy™ solution was released in the market in 2009 and has since provided automated, accurate, comprehensive and fast inclusion mapping data for rough diamonds. It has enabled computer-assisted diamond planning based also on Clarity, in addition to Cut and Carat weight, as was previously the norm. Thus, the Galaxy™ family of systems has significantly optimised planning and production processes by maximising polished diamond yield, while expediting the manufacturing cycle and reducing human error.

The market leading Galaxy™ systems have been installed in all major global diamond processing centres, both at Sarine service centres and at customer sites, including in Israel, India, Belgium, Botswana, China, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and the U.S. and have now reached a noteworthy achievement in having scanned a cumulative 10 million stones, with quarterly throughput now just over 1 million stones.

As the installed base continues to expand (just over 200 systems as of the close of Q2 2015), and especially with the introduction of the new Meteor™ system to provide inclusion mapping for the 0.25-0.85ct segment of rough diamonds, Sarine expects the scanning throughput to accelerate substantially. The first Meteor™ system recently shipped to a beta customer in India and is expected to be released for general sale later in 2015. By doubling the system throughput to up to 250 stones per day, together with the offering of new segment-specific pricing models, (combining various ratios of up-front system cost and recurring use fees) Sarine believes the Meteor™ product will be a very cost effective proposition for manufacturers of smaller goods.

Uzi Levami, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine, stated, “Sarine’s staff worldwide is celebrating this significant milestone. Having without doubt proven its value, and with still no competing system available in the market, the Galaxy™ solution has uniquely propelled the industry to a higher level of efficiency and productivity. By scanning 10 million rough stones, our customers have clearly expressed their confidence and trust in our cutting edge technology. We will continue our commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality solutions, including the new Meteor™ system, focused on value and reliability, for which Sarine has become renowned.”

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