Georgia Jeweler Sold Moissanite as Diamonds, Report Says


A Georgia jeweler misrepresented a pair of moissanite earrings as diamonds, said an Aug. 19 report on local channel WSBTV

The show says local consumer Felex Knox contacted its news team after buying earrings at Lucky Diamonds Co. at the Gallery at South DeKalb in Decatur, Ga., in March.

The store allegedly sold him what it described as a pair of 1.5 ct. diamond earrings for just under $800. Knox was so surprised at the price, he bought two pairs.

I told them specifically, I said ‘I don’t want no cubic zirconia,’” Knox said on the show. “I want the real stuff, I want real diamonds.”

“I said, ‘You sure they are real?’ ” Knox added. “He said they were real. I said, ‘Okay.’ ”

But when he had them appraised, he learned the earrings were synthetic moissanite, the show says. Knox demanded a refund, but the store wouldn’t give him one, it adds.

On camera, a store salesman told reporter Amy Napier Viteri that “moissanite is a diamond.”

If I gonna put it under a diamond tester, it will prove it’s a diamond,” he said.

When Viteri pressed him, he said, “It’s a moissanite, it’s a man-made diamond.… It’s not like a real, real official.”

The salesman ended up blaming the issue on a new employee who didn’t know the difference, the report says, and following the exchange, it refunded Knox’s nearly $1,500 purchase.

“If something appears too good to be true, unfortunately, that’s often the case,” Viteri concluded.

No one at the store returned a message for comment at press time.

The news show did make one goof: After the story, the anchor said that there is no such thing as a man-made diamond. There is, but moissanite is not considered one.


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