Hoover & Strong Announces New Fairmined Metal Source in South America


Hoover Strong has announced a new and second source of Fairmined gold in Colombia.

The North Chesterfield, Va.–based refinery has been sourcing Fairmined gold and silver from the Aurelsa mine in Peru, but now adds the Iquira Municipality Agro-Mineral Cooperative, located in Colombia’s famous coffee region, to its sources.

“We have recently partnered with the Iquira Cooperative in Colombia to obtain Fairmined gold for our customers interested in socially responsible Fairmined products and services,” Torry Hoover, president, told the press this week.

The Iquira Cooperative formed in 2004 after local miners and coffee cultivators banded together to address the seasonal management of lands among artisanal gold miners and coffee growers, as well as some plantain and livestock farmers. All secured official licenses and registration through the Colombian government, and their cooperative of 76 people demonstrates how all industries can coexist in a sustainable way. All involved have social security and health insurance, and the cooperative can provide employment opportunties to surrounding communities. More information about the Iquira Cooperative can be found on Fairmined.org.

“As we continue our efforts to be the most responsible refiner and precious metals manufacturer in the world, we are delighted to add the Iquira Cooperative to our source list for Fairmined gold,” adds Hoover.

Hoover Strong offers Fairmined casting grain; sheet and round wire in 14k, 18k, and 24k yellow gold; and sterling and fine silver.

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