LUXURY Privé NY Comes to a Close. Next Stop: Miami


The intimate LUXURY Privé show came to a close on July 28 after its three-day residency at the historic Waldorf Astoria in New York. The show, which many retailers deemed a favorite, saw much success in the placement of orders, attendance of special events and series of educational presentations, including a wildly popular editors’ preview, “Christmas in July.”

We take pride in the LUXURY Privé model, as it affords buyers an opportunity to get away from the chaos of bigger shows,” said event director Sarin Bachmann in a press release. “It’s a very personal event in the historic Waldorf Astoria with every detail carefully planned with our LUXURY community in mind.”

While the JCK show team sets its sights on LUXURY Miami in October (you can learn more about that here), we’re happy to share some feedback from another great year in New York. Here’s what attendees of LUXURY Privé had to say.

With the high quality of attending retailers and luxurious setting, Miseno felt right at home for our inaugural LUXURY Privé. We continued conversations we had started with retailers in Las Vegas as well as met several new prospects. This show was the perfect complement to round out our trade show schedule.” —Antonio Cardamuro, Miseno

LUXURY Privé provides an experience that exceeds my expectations  every year. I look forward to the show because of the blend of quality and innovation.” —Matthew Rosenheim, Tiny Jewel Box

“The nice part about LUXURY Privé is the quality stores that are brought in. With the more intimate style of the show, the quality of buyers is top of the line, and they are willing to buy and discuss building out a business plan with you. —Brian Sage, Frederic Sage

“Again, LUXURY has done a great job in attracting high-quality retailers in a high-class venue.” —Dan Bogue, Mastoloni

LUXURY Privé is a great experience all around. The numbers just add up; we opened new doors, and everyone loves being in New York City.”  —Anthony Hugo, Spark

“Bigger shows can be chaotic or you have no-shows, so you might not get to see everyone. Here, we were able to make up for any missed opportunities and connected with all those stores we didn’t see in Las Vegas.” —William Dilamani, Dilamani

The next LUXURY show will kick off in Miami on October 13. Click here for more information on that show, and stay tuned for details on LUXURY Privé 2016.

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