Oscar Heyman’s Glam Instagram Celebrates the Firm’s Iconic Past

But you don’t have to be a 100-year-old company to crib its charm


One of the oldest names in American jewelry is one of the industry’s smartest social media marketers. 

Oscar Heyman, the iconic fine jewelry firm founded in New York City by Ukrainian-born artisans Oscar and Nathan Heyman in 1912, leverages its legendary past to tell thoroughly modern stories on its Instagram feed—which at press time boasted 2,563 followers.

What makes the gem-studded feed a standout in the social sphere? Here’s a brief dissection.

It’s always on-brand. Oscar Heyman—which is a boutique brand in every sense of the phrase—stands for American-made, hand-crafted jewelry with a rich heritage. And a stream of images depicting original design drawings and bench/workshop moments never lets you forget that. What jewelry buff could resist?


Archival photos and drawings add glamour and whimsy. For newer jewelry firms, posting classic advertisements and/or logos and other branded imagery may not be an option. But really, you don’t have to be Tiffany Co. to celebrate some big moments from your business’s past. And many U.S. jewelry retailers are old enough to consider this delightful tack. Oscar Heyman peppers its Instagram with beautiful, classic photos and hand-drawn ads—lending the page a lovely retro feel while hammering home just how venerable the brand is.

Variety keeps it vibrant. The Instagram offers up a variety of lighthearted eye candy—from short videos from the bench to celebrity pics and drawings. Because no matter how beautiful a collection may be, posting one product after another (catalog style) won’t capture users’ attention for long. 

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