Stuller’s Newest SwissBacks Solve the Earring-Back Debate

A pragmatic alternative to annoying earring backs


Last week’s Twitter kerfuffle—which saw a user post about how she could (and probably should) take the plastic rings off her earring backs—made every earring-wearing woman with a Twitter handle wonder if she had, in fact, been wearing earrings wrong all this time. (Jewelers resoundingly said “no,” contending that the backs are made to support heavier earrings.)

But the whole thing underscored one undeniable fact—tiny earring backs, like baby socks and iPhone wall chargers—become permanently separated from their anchor way too often. And that is annoying.

We have apps that deliver groceries and necklaces that gauge our blood pressure. But wearing stud earrings still requires us to pinch at these impossibly small nibs of metal every morning. If they haven’t been batted off the bathroom counter by a curious cat the night before, that is.

Stuller has a solution. The Lafayette, La.–based manufacturer just released the second (more streamlined) version of its SwissBacks earring backs. 

Courtesy Stuller

Like cufflinks, SwissBacks flip up to close.

They hook onto earlobes much like cufflinks, securing studs and dangling earrings with a simple, one-handed flick of the finger. You simply slide in the post then flip up the tiny back piece, locking it into place.

The backs are “bench friendly,” according to the company, and come in 14k yellow and 14k white gold. 

Here’s a video about how they work—and how jewelers can easily customize earrings with them.

Courtesy Stuller

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