De Grisogono goes with Traackr to increase social media presence

De Grisogono has been helped by Traackr to optimise event investments through live social content and influencer marketing which produced the right content, at the right time, for the right people. Every year De Grisogono’s marketing budget is spent on three high-level events: Baselworld, founder Fawaz Gruosi’s birthday celebrations and the Cannes Film Festival. The latter represents the biggest live opportunity for the brand and this year they wanted to make sure they didn’t waste the opportunity to reach millions of people effectively through the power of social media. 

In fact, at Cannes Film Festival 2015, De Grisogono worked with a team of 24 people onsite who were focused on producing live content to tell and share the Cannes Festival 2015 story live with clients and aficionados around the world. A total of 150 photos, 16 videos and 12 stories were shared through the brand’s channels. De Grisogono’s main activities were leveraged to create content for the media and facilitate the creation of influencers’ own content. For example, bloggers and press were invited to the Martinez Hotel terrace to interview founder and jewellery designr Fawaz Gruosi. Twenty-five influencers from cinema, gastronomy, art, and music were also interviewed and given the content for them to share on social channels, blogs and magazines to gain visibility and reach new highly targeted audiences. 

It is no wonder that during De Grisogono’s week at Cannes the brand’s website saw an increase in traffic of 450% with 20K unique visitors and 100K page viewed and the product pages being viewed first. 

As Nicolas Chabot, VP EMEA, Traackr, says, ““If you look at the way conversations develop on social media, you quickly realise that conversations are created and managed by a very small number of people. It means that if as a brand you believe that digital and social media can contribute to the development of your business or of your reputation for example, if you look at the impact that you have with your publications, you will very likely be soon disappointed because all the engagements of brands is very limited.” 

Continuing in the same vein, Chabot says, “The whole point of Traackr is to help our brands identify who their influencers are based on the conversations and the topic, understand what they do online, how they talk about you, how they talk about your brand, so that you can gear your marketing activities. And Traackr will also help you measure the impact of the activities.” 

As Violetta Gruosi, global social media manager, De Grisogono, says, “While the importance of social media is agreed and understood by most of the brands and professionals, it is not so easy to make an appropriate strategic use of it. We needed to refine our approach to social media, and drive communication efforts on social media strategically and in a very targeted and focused way. As the communication arena becomes extremely crowded it is essential to properly focus and engage with the right influencers that can help delivering the message in a relevant way.”

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