Richblu’s natural precious gemstones outperform gold, property and cash in investment value

 Richblu’s natural precious gemstones outperform gold, property and cash in investment valueIn response to the upcoming removal of the Burmese ruby ban in the United States as well as the news that the Indian Government has scrapped Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, Richblu has received an overwhelming demand for its natural precious gemstones. With savvy investors seeing not only Burmese rubies but also sapphires and emeralds as having greater investment value than other commodities such as gold, property and cash. Richblu’s reputation for producing high quality precious gemstones has seen the gemstone trader handling an ever growing number of enquiries from both existing and new customers around the world.

The current situation arises from two major recent events. On the one hand, there is a sharp rise in demand, while on the other hand; there has been an increase in the supply. With the instability in many financial markets, investors around the world have been increasingly moving away from cash investments to other commodities. This situation saw a major surge recently with the news that the Indian government had abruptly withdrawn the country’s two highest denomination bank notes from circulation in a desperate effort to stop money laundering. The country’s Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes were deemed to hold no value. While those holding small amounts can deposit them in bank accounts until the end of the year, they have become worthless as long-term cash investments. As such, many Indian investors are looking at alternative commodities for their investment purposes.

At the same time, precious gems have moved ahead of gold and property in many investors’ portfolios. This situation has been helped by a recent increase in supply to the world market. After almost 20 years, the United States of America finally lifted all trade sanctions on Myanmar on October 7, 2016 in response to Myanmar’s move towards a more democratic system of government. One of the major results of this move is the opening up to the world of goods and products from Myanmar, especially highly-desired goods such as the country’s precious gems.

In such an environment, the high-quality gems offered by Richblu are proving to be a very tempting proposition for an increasing number of investors. Natural precious gemstones retain and can increase investment value, making them an attractive long-term investment in addition to being heirloom investments. Indeed, precious gemstones are currently seen by many investors as a better long-term investment than other commodities such as gold and property.

Currently among private buyers, jewelry manufactures and investors, there is an overwhelming interest in rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Orders for precious gemstones at Richblu have shown a sharp increase in demand for rubies and blue sapphires from Myanmar. The company has received an overwhelming request for a variety of calibrate sizes gemstones, with many queries coming for singles gemstones which Richblu is working on to provide as soon as possible following a feasibility study of rough supply.

In recent years, Richblu has built up a strong reputation for serving the gemstone and jewellery industry with fine rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, and white sapphires in a variety of calibrate sizes. The company handles all aspects of gem trading, from rough mining and assorting to gemstone cutting and manufacturing.

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