GJEPC presents Design Inspirations 2017 seminar

 GJEPC presents Design Inspirations 2017 seminarThe Gems Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) organised a seminar entitled ‘Design Inspirations 2017: Designing for the Millennials’. Design Inspirations is an initiative to educate jewellers, designers and students about the upcoming trends within the gems and jewellery sector of India, Europe and the US, and tapping into consumer (especially millennials) behavior patterns and aspirations, and the way to translate them into thematic concepts and visual directions.

The seminar took place between 9th to 10th February 2017 amidst a gathering of dignitaries including Mr. Raj Kamal, Director, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, Mr. Praveenshankar Pandya (Chairman, GJEPC), Mr. Shailesh Sangani (Convener, Promotions, Marketing Business Development, GJEPC) Mr. Colin Shah (Member Promotions, Marketing Business Development, GJEPC and Director, Kama Schachter Jewelry), Nirupa Bhatt (Managing Director, GIA India Middle East), Paola De Luca (The Futurist Ltd.), Mrs. Shimul Mehta Vyas (NID), Mr. Biren Vaidya (MD, Rose Group), Ms. Shuchi Pandya (Pipabella) and Ms. Reena Ahluwalia amongst others.

Addressing the inaugural session, Mr. Praveenshankar Pandya said, “Design Inspirations seminar seeks to establish the importance of a strong design base in a rapidly evolving world order.” He highlighted that India’s jewellery exports stands at only 20 percent of the global business and is mainly based on designs demanded by international retailers; not much of bridal. He added, “India has rich archives of traditional jewellery designs and now we need to blend the modern with the traditional. In sync with the Prime Minister’s vision of replicating India’s diamond business in the jewellery business, we are opening Indian Institutes of Gem Jewellery in Varanasi, Mangalore (Karnataka) and Punjab amongst others. This will help nurture unique jewellery manufacturing art craft such as Pina Mina Art of Varanasi or Tibetan art of Nepal, etc. We also intend to create jewellery parks with modern machines to help create modern 3D designs.”

Explaining the theme, Mr. Colin Shah added, “Designing for Millennials is the theme of Design Inspirations 2017 and we are hoping that each of you gets inspired with new ideas and a paradigm shift in thought-process. Design Inspirations will also serve as the base for India’s own Trend Book for year 2017.” Mrs. Shimul Mehta Vyas of NID, said, “Today’s millennials are globally connected and are adept in a technologically enabled mobile society.” She noted that “today’s millennials, who are professionally inclined, are spoilt for choice. Jewellery is a good communicator. They are characterised by Value Shift, Luxury Redefined, Product Offerings, Attitudinal Changes and Value Changes.” She added, “Millennials have moved from traditional mindsets – from securing future to living in the moment; mindless to mindful consumption; from following to shunning stereotypes; from mass to classy affordable bespoke; and materialistic to non-materialistic sustainable ways. The new global order is all about fashion forward, cultural rootedness/ heterogenity and collaboration.”

Ms. Reena Ahluwalia said, “Today’s jewellery design is all about visual symbolism and memorable thoughts. Millennials love rare pieces such as green diamond adorned jewellery or love-locked pieces. In America, customers love smaller diamonds and enamelled pieces. Millennials are all about self-expression values; and meaningful, minimalism adornments, which leave a lasting emotional impact. Millennials don’t want jewellery to define them but they want to define jewellery.”

Mr. Biren Vaidya, MD, Rose Group, said, “Brands have to break free from getting stuck to older generations and learn from Burberry example. We have to personalise for the new millennials. We have to unthink and unlearn so as to give enhanced customer experiences.”

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